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eXdomain was introduced to international audience in february 2010 after amazing success it achieved in Poland.


Benefits for affiliates: 

  • up to 40% commission rate
  • so far 2,8% conversion rate on polish market
  • very low refund rate around 1,5%
  • everyday technical and sales email support for affiliates partners (response in max. 48 hours)

Product key benefits:

  • extreme optimization: high efficiency even with 500,000 domain names
  • most important metrics support
    • Google: Site, Page Rank
    • Yahoo: Site, Links, Backlinks
    • AltaVista: Site, Links, Backlinks
    • Alexa Rank
    • Web Archive
    • Availability, Expiry Date, Whois Response
    • SERP: SEMRush: Rank, Organic Traffic/Keywords/Costs, Adwords Traffic/Keywords Costs
  • multi-proxy support
  • extreme multi-threading with intelligent algorithms implemented. Scanning up to 30 domains simultaneously without risk of ban.
  • powerful sorting and filtering options that can be easily applied during scanning process
  • direct and quick access to dropping domains lists for most popular TLD like (.net, .com, .org, .de, .info ... others) from the application. Many different drop list providers implemented with possibility to download lists from any given day.
  • unlimited free updates - application is constantly developing, including features suggested by users and all new versions are released in automatic updates to all current users for free!
  • application is rewarded with "Compatible with Windows 7" and "Works with Vista" sign



Product is targeted to two customer groups: domain hunters and seo/sem specialists.

For domain hunters:

  • possibility to easily catch valuable domains with high Page Rank, Type-in traffic, many Links and Backlinks and long History in internet to sell them for a profit.
  • access to dropping domains lists directly from the application by just one  click!
  • scanning own lists typed by hand or loaded from external text files
  • extremely fast scanning up to 500,000 domains using multi-proxy/dc and multi-threading
  • fast, reliable and precise analysis of dropping domains in short time
  • possibility to analyze and pickup most valuable and suitable domain names using tens of powerful filtering and sorting options live during scanning process
  • possibility to export chosen domains (using clipboard) to any other applications

For SEO/SEM specialists:

  • scanning own domains from own typed-in lists or loaded from text file
  • instant, quick and reliable access to metrics about domain names, that the user is working on
  • access to the most important factors for SEO and SEM
  • access to archive scanning results enabling progress comparison.
  • exporting results to CSV file
  • possibility to catch domains with type-in traffic, and high value for search engines to use with: Catalogs, Blogs and other SEO technics to increase value and traffic of owned domains.



Suggested keywords that correspond to eXdomain application are prepared as TEXT file:

Click here to download suggested keywords


Additional materials:

For eXdomain promotion purposes feel free to use all the materials from eXdomain especially grabbed from Features section. You can also provide users access to videos on our YouTube account: "TheExdomain"

Features description and main product video


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Other multimedia materials:


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